Friday, April 3, 2009

Photos and Writing with a twist

Hi teachers,

I am very happy with this new website I just found. It's called BubbleShare
I had been looking for tools that would allow me to create a slideshow with bubbles but the ones I had come across were way too complicated.

This one on the other hand is AMAZING.

First of all, it is FREE!

It also allows you to upload pictures from your computer and it is very simple and clear.

In one of the features you can edit pictures and accessories.

To make it even better- they give the html code to publish in your blog.

I think this tool can make the writing assignments much more appealing.
I am talking about the Lesson C of every unit from American Adventures Book.

Teachers can previously select pitures and have the students putting them together and formulating the bubbles.

I'll share my first trial with you.
Sorry for gushing over my puppy. I really can't help myself

BubbleShare: Share photos - Easy Photo Sharing

Now, I am going to enjoy my weekend. And my puppy....of course.

Peace and Notebooks OFF