Thursday, February 18, 2010

Exploring Edmodo for communicating with peers

This post is due to a session I was preparing to present in our school this week.
As you can see it is all about Edmodo.
The biggest thing I wanted to emphasize was how using Edmodo for teacher's communication can be so much more rewarding than using e-mails.
The first thing you see in the chart are the differences between them.
BTW, I created the chart using creately which is a website I got from Ana Maria.

 Then I prepared another presentation using Prezi.
I have to take a few moments to talk about how amazing Prezi is.
I know that on last review I only gave it 2 okay's but after I was able to download my presentation and I view it without internet I am addicted and can't stop using it.
So... PREZI,
This is just for you: