Saturday, March 20, 2010

Integrating Technology in CCBEU: Before and After

  Our technology department is recent but some the changes are huge.
  For example:  In the past we had 2 groups of teachers- who were completely opposites.
Now these opposites are starting to attract.

 What I mean is: the group who used technology were seen as a group who didn't understand a a lot about methodology and the group who didn't use were seen as not updated.

 Now we have teachers who weren't used to e-boards, getting excited about their possibilities. We also have e- teachers starting to have questions about the usage of technology while delivering  student-centered classes.

 That is exciting to any Tech Department and for that matter, technology has already been a positive change: to light up a fire for discussing what is the most important thing in all the process : authentic learning experiences.

Another thing that has changed is our communication.
Before we used e-mail and now :

  Edmodo has changed the way we share, make announcements, talk. It is where we find people who have the same worries, struggles, feelings that we do.
  I'll tell you: effective communication is the key to so many things.
  So, it is not perfect and we still have a lot of work ahead but things are looking up and I'm confident about what we have accomplished so far.


Ana Maria Menezes said...

Andressa, I´m so glad to hear of your accomplishments and even happier to have seen the process happening. CONGRATULATIONS !!!