Monday, May 3, 2010

Spicing up your Students' Writing: Livetyping

 While watching Alex Session on saturday called "What's in it for my students?" I learned about so many interesting webtools.
 The thing about a good teacher is that they are always with their students in mind. So, while learning a new tool they NEVER think about showing off their tech talents. Instead, the question that comes to their mind is: How can it benefit my students? How can it help them produce?

 Alex is one of those great teachers who simply inspire us.

 One of the tools she showed which caught my attention the most was the Livetyping.
 What makes Livetyping great is: it is so easy to use, no regristration required and offers you a chance to actually see how your students are writing.

  If you have a student that is a bit weaker in Writing, this is a chance to see exactly which approach will be more effective.

 Suggestion: Assign the composition, ask your students to send you the link to your e-mail or post it ad Edmodo.

Hope you enjoy Livetyping as much as I did and tha

Like I said, the tool is very simple but I recorded a tutorial anyway.