Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morphing Pictures and making a Slideshow

I was looking for an easy site to change pictures and I came across this one:

I played with it a little bit and Morphed my own pictures with other celebrities. I'll show some results:

I thought about using this website in class with my K3 group because we are learning how to describe people.
So we could Morph our own pictures and play in class while describing the "new images" of themselves.

To gather the information in the end we can create a Slideshow with music or using the bubbles just like I explained in a previous post here

I used a different website to create a slideshow with music. It's called: SLIDE
It's just as easy as the others and the result is right here.

Click to see the presentation

Edited- I can't listen to this song any longer.

I plan to send to their parents e-mail after class.

BTW, if you decide to Morph pictures it's important to- obviously take their pictures in a class before, previously prepare the photos at the site so you don't waste this time in class.

Can you feel it?


Fernanda said...

Amiga... vc vai fazer o que eu te disse e vai abrir um blog aqui tb?