Sunday, April 12, 2009

Teaching and Technology

Teaching is my career choice and technology is hands down one of the best friends I've found through this process.
As it usually happens with "best friend", the first impressions are NOT the ones that last longer.
At first it was scary but now I do not fear it anymore.I am curious about it, I am excited about the possibilities and the different ways I can reach my students.

I realized that the barriers we face at first are more related to our way of thinking than to unability to use certain tools itself. The thinking that holds us back is that New is bad, Old is good,, trutsworthy, solid.
The thing is we don't have to dispose the positive skills we have and trade them for technology. We can combine both and overcome chalenges and become better professionals.

Every beginnig is a little bit harder because when you feel overwhelmed you have no memories to hold on to. You have to create them.
Let me spare you some time and share what I have learned so far:

- When you see something neat and don't know how to do it, ask questions. People are a lot more willing to share that you might think.

- The more you use it, the more familiarized you'll get and the better will become.

- Images are very powerfull tools.

- Students know that you really prepared the class for them and will apreciate it even if something doesn't work perfectly well.

- The first classes I prepared for the eboard were nothing but suffering for me.
I felt stupid and I HATE feeling stupid. My students, however, seemed to like it so I carried on.
Once I realized that they were talking more, looking at pictures and asking questions and that I didn't have to get like a psycho in class trying to squeeze information out of them.....I was bitten.
At first I kept using the eboard because they liked it, now there is a very big chance that I like it more than them.

- Be careful! Manage your time to spend with famliy, pets,sleeping... because it is quite addictive.

What about you? How has your experience with technology been?

Peace and Gigabytes