Monday, January 25, 2010

Exploiting Quizlet

I was wondering about Quizlet for quite a while until the blog diva Ana Maria posted a tutorial about it.

So... with no further delay, I set myself to start organizing a Quizlet for all the books aimed for teens in our institution.

Ana Maria tutorial  is pretty clear regarding what you can do and how you can use it with students.

I plan to post the quizlets in the class blogs for them to practice vocabulary at home.

The only downside about Quizlet is that it does not offer the embed code.

We all know how students are visual . Therefore, just putting a link for them to click would not be the correct amount of "spice".

There is an alternative: you can use Kwout to create an image of your Quizlet and students will be able to visualize what the activity actually is.

I suggest you to  use it in class a few times to get them familiarized with its features and make them more comfortable and secure about using  it at home.

My Quizlet example + Kwout Image:

Just wonderful. I will even ignore the lack of embed code and give it the 3 Ok's