Thursday, January 21, 2010

Integrating Newbies to Education 2.0

Education: Integrating Staff to Web 2.0

  I prepared this file for teachers who are about to enroll in our school and my goal was to show them a little bit of what we are already doing here but also show them ways they could grow and develop professionally beyond  the institution.

  I used a few presentations and videos as an inspiration and I give all credits at the end. As for the pictures, I took most of them at flickr and I hyperlinked all of them along with each image.
 As sharing and connecting is what the web is all about: if you ever need something like that for work your study, I'll be glad to send you the presentation in full. Just send me an e-mail at:

  Peace and Sharing!


ana maria said...

Dear Andressa,

Thank you so much for sharing this lovely presentation with us. Be sure you're playing a very important role being the bridge to so many teachers.

I saw that you used scribd to share your ppt. Check , you can upload your ppt and it keeps the original effects.

Dessa said...

Dear Ana,

Thanks for all your support and feedback.
I've tried slideboom but had forgotten all about it.
Thanks for reminding me.