Monday, January 18, 2010

My Prezi: Web and Education

I was introduced to  Prezi through Ana Maria Menezes.

It is a great tool to cause a great efffect in a class or in a presentation.

What we need to consider before trying out Prezi is its concept: while in powerpoints and interactive boards softwares we work with the idea of slides, in Prezi we have a single page and you can write everywhere.

It doesn't really matter where you write, as soon as you finish, you have the option PATH and that will guide your presentation in the order you want.

Tip: don't write sentences too close together. You have space and don't be afraid to use it.

Ana Maria also showed me a TUTORIAL which made my life much easier.

My Prezi is a  session for the Pre Service Training in CCBEU:

What I liked about Prezi was:

* Wonderful effect on presentations
*The embed code to put on your blog
* The option to share on twitter and facebook
* Their twitter support: @PreziSupport

What I didn't like about Prezi:

  In presentations we have to make sure the "file" will work and ,although they have an option to download your Prezi,  every time I tried I only got "corrupted file".

   That's why Prezi got the 2 Ok's    


Sue Waters said...

Thanks for writing a review of Prezi as I've been wondering if to include it in my series.

However I'm like you -- if doing a presentation I want to know that I can run it on my computer not the Internet. For the just in case situations.

Do you know if others had the same problem?

Dessa said...

Hi Sue,

I'm glad you could comment.
It is indeed important to feel "safe" when it comes to our presentation. Imagine if the connection is out?
I don't know if other people experienced the same problem but their support on twitter is good. I'll report it to them.

Sue Waters said...

I don't even want to imagine losing Internet during a presentation. I like taking nothing to chance so for me that would stress me out!