Friday, January 15, 2010

Photo Peach Review

 Hello dear all,

  I have a feeling my blog is dying and I have no one to blame but me.However, I'm not going to start preparing its funeral before giving it one more try first.
  So, to all of you who drops by here every once and a while I'd like to wish a happy New Year.
  With no further delay I'm here to talk about this wonderful Website called PhotoPeach.

  Using Photo Peach you can create slideshows and even quizzes. It's very practical and intuitive.

 Sue Waters made a explanatory post here .

 How can you use it with ESL students?

 * You can create interesting blog posts using it and ask assign them as homework.
 * You can make a Quiz using pictures and ask questions using the structure they are learning.

My Example: I created a Quiz on the movie Avatar asking simple questions.

Avatar on PhotoPeach

It was so fast and the result is really appealing.
They also offer the code to embed in your blog or an option to share on twitter, facebook and other online plataforms.
For that reason, PhotoPeach receives the 3 OK's: